lundi 15 septembre 2008

Pause : I am back (mail in english) and have scoops !

I am back from the US and I hope that you are as well organized as Pénélope :

New York was great, as seen here :

Do you know what hangers have in common with the Empire State Building ? Discover it here :

And a beautiful lamp made with hangers :

A quick overview of the Vélib system in 5 cities : Barcelona, Paris, Washington, Montréal, Mexico

Wine tasting in London (oops, it is tap water !)

Electronic book about sustainable food
Our friends at Eat Well Guide have just published their first book, Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement. Weighing in at an efficient 39 pages the book highlights the power of the internet to spread the word on food and agriculture issues people care about, but traditional media ignores.
Along with all that the book includes resource for consumers for farmers, a list of green food blogs and a glossary of web terms for the newbie.

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